shrink sleeve labeling

Shrink sleeve labeling with speed of 1000 to 24000B/H

در لیبل زنی به روش لیبل شرینک نیازی به چسب وجود ندارد علاوه بر صرفه جویی هزینه چسب از صرف زمان و هزینه برای سرویس نگهداری قطعات مرتبط با آن بی نیاز میباشید لیبل شرینک شکل و فرم ظرف را به خود میگیرد و برای انواع ظروف گرد چهارگوش و فرم دار قابل استفاده میباشد در مقابل رطوبت مقاوم بوده و برای محصولات آرایشی بهداشتی غذایی دارویی ایده آل میباشد

AryaPack-sleeve shrink LS200-LS800


Shrink sleeve labeling with speed of 9000 to 24000B/H

suitable for rounded, four squared, and formed containers
PLC controllers by position control
HMI: colored touchscreen for observing the operation and adjusting the efficiency and all of the parameters
special design for non-professional users
residual-current, sensors, and motors with Europe standards
no need for daily services and disposable air
stainless steel cover, body, and conveyors
iron chassis with epoxy color
equipped with stainless steel shields and plexiglass doors
for each container just needs a special sample (with no limits)
able of changing the product container in several minutes and commodious.

AryaPack-sleeve shrink LS100-LS195


Shrink sleeve labeling with speed of 1000 to 8000B/H

whole line of cup shrink labeling with the speed of 3000 to 24000 cups per hour
automatic cup upper and feeder
automatically up the cups into the Feeder and put them on the conveyor with the special conductor one by one.
automatic labeling
the label roll opens, get cut from right position, and sits on the cups automatically.
cup shrink labeling tunnels
cups pass the special label shrink tunnels with accurate temperature control.
automatic cup collector
in the last step, cups are collected on the collector, putting together and packed automatically.



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